The Truckin’ Good BBQ Private Street Party Package is the perfect way to treat your guests to a food truck experience right at your location! Great for a graduation open house, birthday or anniversary party or a late night snack at your wedding reception! Here are the deets if you wanna know more…

Truckin’ Good BBQ Street Party Package

For $500

  • Includes 1 hour on site treating up to 30 of your guests
  • Choice of two Wood Truck BBQ Smoky Creations
  • Choice of two homemade classic BBQ sides
  • Up to 10 miles travel to your location

For larger parties…We just need MORE time!

  • Add $9 per person
  • Additional time on site is $30 per 1/2 hour (We include 1/2 hour of extra time per additional 50 guests.)
  • You live in the sticks? Well, okay…$2 extra per mile

Can’t make up your mind?

  • Add a 3rd Smoky Creation option for an additional $2.50 per guest and a 3rd Classic Side for an additional $1 per guest

Let’s get this party started!

Download our handy little brochure for more info, too!

But first… We need 30 feet of level, flat, legal street side parking that is adjacent to your party location!